Friday, September 22, 2006

Morning again

So it's our second morning in Tbilisi, and we're preparing (again) to head out and get (another) SIM card for my phone, as the first one didn't take. I'll be trying to argue, in Georgian, with the shopkeeper who sold me my first SIM card, that it was the card that didn't work, not my phone. Then apartment hunting.

We are planning, after a suggestion from our hosts, to take an Embassy-coordinated trip to Kakheti (pron. with a little flem between the k and h) to see a grape harvest, drink some fresh wine, have a supra, and meet some other embassy peops. It looks to be a good re-introduction to the culture. With any luck, we'll have an apartment to come back to when we leave tomorrow morning at six forty five a.m. Do I think that's even remotely likely to happen? Not at all! But I do hope that we've at least looked at a couple places before then.

and maybe I'll even have a working phone. Let's not ask for too much...

Oh! I do have a phone number now, however, it's for my Skype account. If you feel like giving me a call to see how I'm doing, send an email and I'll let you know what it is and when I'm most likely to be on line. It's an (802) area code, so for those of you in Vermont, surreally, it may even be a local call. Hooray internets.

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Jenniejenjennifer said...

hooray! exxxcellent.

this talk of a supra is making me hungry (mmmm supra)...and mildly drunk. :)