Thursday, September 21, 2006

aaand we're in!

So, if any of you are wondering about whether air travel security in (and to) other countries is as "secure" as it is for us Americans, here's a little anecdote: After landing in Vienna, K. and I couldn't take it anymore and bought a little tube of toothpaste, and enjoyed several hours of minty-fresh breath again. When we went through security again for our flight to Tbilisi (a tiny little gate with its own security checkpoint) the bag with the forgotten toothpaste was scanned twice, and then after a little pointing and some shrugging, was handed to me, no questions asked. While at the gate waiting to get on the plane, the stewardess decided it would be easier to just come around and check all of our tickets one by one, aparently so we didn't have to do that part while waiting in line. Then, when we arrived in Tbilisi, I became vaguely worried because neither K. nor I filled out one of those forms that declare "I am not bringing fresh vegetables, live chickens, obscene amounts of money, or virulent space-diseases in to destroy any local flora, fauna, economic system or strains of bacteria." However, it turned out that instead of filling out one of those papers and/or going through and declaring any of the food/alcohol/money/space diseases you were bringing in, they simply had a seventy year old woman checking to make sure you were actually taking your own bags away. She was taking those little white tags you get when you check your luggage, and making sure they matched your bags. Hooray Georgia!

We're in safe and sound. I'm still dead tired. Stupid Jet Lag. We're also 88% of the way toward having cell phones, and due to start appartment hunting tomorrow. There will be stories! And Pictures!

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