Thursday, April 07, 2011

Socks, I say!

If adult socks have a habit of getting eaten by the washing machine / running off to join sock militias on the far side of the world, (a problem I've largely solved with my two-pronged approach: 1. only ever buying one kind of sock, and 2. not caring if I happen to be wearing two kinds of socks), then baby socks seem to have the opposite problem. They multiply like super-soft bunny rabbits. They bloom like tribbles. I find them under the couch, under the cat dish, on the kitchen table, in my pants pockets. They're constantly slipping off the baby's feet, which I thought was because she has babyfat sausages for calves, but now I think they're trying to run off to reproduce in some dusty corner of the house. It's the only way I can imagine we end up with so many cute little socks. And she doesn't even walk yet!