Sunday, September 17, 2006

First Post: Less Than 48 Hours to Liftoff

I'm at my mom's house in Columbus, OH right now, and I'm nearly ready to be off.. Tomorrow we pack, (the upstairs looks like a clothes grenade went off) and then as of 2:00 p.m. EST, we will be en route to... DC. But then, after only several hours, we'll be taking a redeye flight to... Vienna. Where we will spend all of Wednesday. BUT Wednesday evening we'll be catching another redeye, and this one will take us to Tbilisi! Yes! And at 3:50 a.m. when we land, a man named Guja will be waiting to take us back to the house of a friend of a friend who will let us stay for a few days until we find that absolutely perfect apartment that I just know is waiting for us.

More to come! Think good thoughts!


Jenniejenjennifer said...

Hells bells, friend. Godspeed, etc., etc. Or, in Sofi's words of infinite wisdom, "Meow."

Twas fantastic to see you guys.

D said...

Travel safe! Lori, Luke and I were glad to be able to see you and Karen this summer!

wioleta said...

As I type this, you're on a plane to DC. I'm looking forward to reading all about your adventures. It was good to see you again last weekend. Good luck with your travels - when you get there I just know you will find the perfect place, and I can't wait to see pics.

johnny mac said...

It was a slacker summer for me, but hopefully I'll have a chapbook or two awaiting your return.

Momma said...

Chris Michel, I have missed you SO! I cannot wait to hear all of your adventures with Karen in Georgia!!! Wasn't there a guy in college from Georgia? I can picture him clear as day...he looked like a wrestler. Be careful out there, my friend.
Love to you and yours,

eresha said...

first of: you got MARRIED?! second of: you got MARRIED?? I didn't know!! Congrats Chris and Karen. Best wishes for a wonderful future, and you guys look so happy and in love in the wedding pictures.

Georgia? Fulbright scholarship?? wonderful stuff. Best of luck and keep us posted on all your adventures.