Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I. Am. In. Syracuse!


So.. K. and I made it Syracuse, and met my new roommate, Nadxi (pron. nad-jee), and her fiance, Rob. Both of them are quite cool, and I'm looking forward to sharing a house for the next few years. They hail from NYC -- Rob's into film, and riding bikes, and Nadxi is in the poetry program.

The house was a little gross when we got there. Ah, college towns. The former tenants basically just moved out, leaving hair-and-dust strewn bathroom floors, gunk in the corners of the living room, and a stove that had the beginnings of enlightened civilizations forming in and around the oven. Yum. So K. and I threw all the boxes in the diningroom, and then mopped/swept/bleached/scrubbed/brought the fucking clean onto every surface we could. Then Nadxi and Rob came and brought even more of the cleaning.

Karen went back to NYC, and started her "I'm living in a far awesomer city than you" adventures. Tomorrow I head down there to pick her up and we're going to head out on thursday for jen and eliot's wedding, in Ohio. Then back, then orientation (and internets at the house!)

Then I'll update more often. Maybe. If you're lucky.

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