Saturday, January 27, 2007

So Goes January

Hello my nestlings. The poetry translation is going -- I'm feeling a bit behind schedule at the moment (about 17 poems translated, want to have 25 by the end of February). This isn't bad, but I don't like feeling rushed.

We've been exploring the city more, during this freak warm-spell that Tbilisi's been having. As those of you in OH, VT and CT have been dealing with temps in the teens (or the pre-teens, in VT's case), we've had warm days up nearing the sixties. It's eerie. But we've taken advantage by touring through old turkish sections of the city, finding old out-of-the way bookstores and yarn shops, and a place that actually sells mops (!) and visiting the giant new church that stands out on the skyline. It's big. It smells like frankincense. Lovely.

Otherwise, I've been writing for Lost Writers, which, with their every-other-tuesday schedule, has been a nice change of pace. So far, I've got two articles up, one linked below, and one here. I like the formality of the writing, and also the idea of writing for a different audience.

Plus, my friend Holly writes awesome articles for them.

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