Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Picture Pages

All of these pictures are from the Sighnaghi Wine Festival -- I'm going to keep these small. If you click on them, they will get larger.


Here's an old lady making fresh bread. Inside the concrete tube (called a tone, pron. "tone-ay") there's a fire. She sticks her hands in there and applies dough to the sides of the tone. when it's ready, she scrapes it off with that tool.


Fresh Mtsvadi. I can't tell you how good this is.


Even fresher Mtsvadi. Well.. it's gotta come from somewhere...


Our friend Shmagi (in the traditional dress) playing impromptu with the flute maker. Those rods across his chest -- not bullets, wooden sticks. That was how Georgian fighters protected themselves from swords. Not as strong as chain mail, but not as heavy either.


A traditional grape-stomping trough for wine. Our friend Shergil carved this out of 200 year old wood. As he put it "That wood was really...hard."

Carved trough

Carving up close


Stomping up close


Little boy at a still making moonshine (cha cha).


Cha cha still


John Ananda said...

Wow, where the hell was this still? That's fantastic!

Chris Michel said...

Isn't it neat? Unfortunately, I have no idea where it was. I was pretty sick by that time. Ugh. Bad, bad day.